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“I don’t care if my leg catches fire, just get the ink out!!!”

After momentary concern that not another practitioner in Birmingham would have a laser, I  found a new dermatologist who agreed to the earlier doctor’s rate of $400/session for both tattoos.  So from 2007 to 2011, I had another 22-24 (yep, MORE THAN TWENTY) sessions.  I tried to be diligent in my photographic history, but after a while, I wasn’t as effective.  In fact, sadly, I failed to note the dates.  However, I am sure you can get the gist of it.

Alternating by treatment dates:


Next series:



Next series:



Similarly, I was diligent early on with logging a report about every different kind and setting of laser.  That was up and until I realized that they tried them all on every setting: YAG, Q Switch, Alexandrite, high, low, and every type and setting in between.  The dermatologist gave me some free and deeply discounted sessions along the way, as I was willing to be a test subject when she got new lasers in to try.  She also provided injected anesthesia at no additional charge for the first 15 treatments she performed.  At about that 15th treatment, I declined it to see if the laser would be more effective without the injected anesthetic.  Frankly, it hurt, and I could see no difference in the laser’s effectiveness. However, I think that the nerve endings in my calf skin may have lost some sensation over the years of treatments, so no numbness was no big deal.


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